Positions in Utah Valley Writers are through nominations and/or volunteering, followed by a chapter vote. None of our officers are paid or compensated in any way. Executive Officers are responsible for the operation, mission, development, and continued growth of the chapter. Each person gives of their time and talents to ensure our community of writers is learning more about the craft and business of writing. If you would like to assist in this mission, please speak to one of the following Executive Officers.



DAPHNE HIGBEE spent her childhood in libraries, listening to stories and checking out as many books as she could carry. The habit continued through college when she worked as a page, and then later as a librarian. As a full-time writer, Daphne drafts her works in the quiet stacks of the non-fiction section.

While not writing, Daphne scales mountains, barbecues, and trains for triathlons. www.daphnehigbee.com



Vice President

small faceLAURA M. HENRIKSEN blames her parents for turning her into a writer. It might’ve been the five siblings she battled gladiator style. It might’ve been the frequent moves to lame small towns across America. It was definitely the lack of cable. If she’d had a normal childhood, she could be home right now with her clever husband and their bright-eyed son. Instead she’s freezing at the over-air-conditioned library trying to write, while the creepy guy in the corner talks to himself.

Laura’s stories are primarily science fiction, fantasy, and young adult. Influences include Ray Bradbury, J.K. Rowling, Terry Pratchett, Jane Austen, Patrick Rothfuss, and Peter S. Beagle.

She grew up in the US Air Force, dabbled in martial arts, and studied psychology. So she can imitate several American accents, put you in a headlock, and diagnose your personality disorders . . . all at once.  www.lauramhenriksen.wordpress.com



Jacob BlockerJACOB BLOCKER has been a member of Utah Valley Writers for three years and loves it. He finds the UVW critique meetings kick his story into gear.  He has served as secretary for the past year. He and his wife have four children.





karen KAREN PIEROTTI was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, but, as her father was in the Royal Air Force, lived in multiple places in the UK, and in Gibraltar, Spain for a couple of years. She joined the LDS church in Lugano, Switzerland where she was working for a Swiss travel agent. Karen met her husband at a BYU ward (so what else is new!), and they have four children. She has been a widow for 23 years. She worked at BYU for 29 years in various secretarial/administrative positions and after receiving an MA in rhetoric, taught 1st year writing for about 10 years. She has been a family history consultant for many years and began writing family histories. Her interest in family history found her auditing a creative writing class. The class was on writing a novel and so she thought, Why not? and embarked on writing a historical novel. Writing fiction was more serendipity than design. She let the novel sit for a couple of years until she began coming to the UVW meetings and completed the first draft of the novel through taking part in NaNoWriMo. Getting good feedback and meeting people at UVW has been encouraging in the new venture of writing creative fiction. She’s learned a lot from many UVW members. Now retired, she has more time to write when she’s not flitting off to the UK to visit family, and Richmond, Seattle, Friday Harbor (San Juan Island), and Salt Lake City to visit children and grandchildren.