About UVW

About UVW

Mount Timpanogos – Photo by Eric Ward

Utah Valley Writers (UVW) is a non-profit, non-commercial community of serious writers dedicated to learning the craft and business of writing. Our mission is to encourage, educate, and provide a supportive environment for all writers. New members and first/second time visitors are always welcome to come to any of our meetings, regardless of experience, genre, or platformYou can also join us at http://theuaa.org/join-us/.

UVW’s roots can be traced back to 1935 as one of three original chapters which formed one of the earliest writing organizations in the Inter-mountain West. Through innovation, exceptional leadership, and enthusiasm for writing, our chapter presence increased, not just in Utah County, but also to other states and with a few international members. Due to this amazing growth and in order to serve our members more effectively, in 2015, UVW’s members unanimously voted to to join a new non-profit organization: the United Author’s Association (http://theuaa.org/).

Our meetings are typically under 3 hours. We meet in person twice a month, usually on select Wednesday and/or Thursday evenings.

  • The first meeting in the month is typically a Critique Meeting where we read each others work and offer constructive feedback. We divide into groups of no more than 5-6 people.
    • Throughout the year we include Publication Primers (for those with finished manuscripts) and Contest Critiques (for those entering contests) in conjunction with these meetings.
  • The second meeting is a General Meeting for chapter education/workshops, hearing from guest authors, editors, or professionals.
    • Currently, these meetings are for local members, who can attend in-person. If you would like to participate in our online meetings please inquire through our Facebook Group or email us at uvchapterinfo[at]gmail.com.

For more information or more specifics on time and locations, see Our Events (changes from the norm do occur). For further information about how each meeting works, see our FAQs. We invite you to check out those pages first and then if you have any questions feel free to email us at uvchapterinfo [at] gmail.com.