Charlie Holmberg, Author of Fifth Doll, to Present on August 17th

Charlie Holmberg

August 17th 7 p.m.

Orem Utah Public Library Storytelling Wing

Whether your story takes place on an inter-galactic battle field or a tea shop on the corner of 3rd and Main, well-developed characters need a well-developed world to play out their lives. Even the best characters will fall flat in an invisible setting. Good world-building invites a reader to be a part of the full experience and keeps them coming back for more. A truly engaged reader will still want to explore your world even after the story is over. Don’t short-change your readers with cardboard walls or talking heads. Show them the story as it was meant to be: with depth and vision.

Settings can be as complex as the multi-layered world of the Hunger Games with districts and class-systems, or as simple as the single room that holds all Twelve Angry Men. Either way, the details and events that make up the world of the story also help shape the plot and the characters themselves.

Charlie N. Holmberg is coming to the UVW to share her insight and expertise on world building. Her own trilogy, The Paper Magician, entwines Victorian London with a magical community of spell-casters that are bound to specific elements. Her detailed and engaging world comes complete with a bit of history, including the invention of dark and twisted flesh magic. This forbidden art and an old enemy launches the main character into a series of tantalizing events and the ultimate outcome is a captivating read and a successful writing career. And she’s coming to share what she’s learned along the way.

Born in Salt Lake City, Charlie N. Holmberg is the author of Followed by Frost; Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet; The Fifth Doll; and The Paper Magician Trilogy, which includes The Paper Magician, The Glass Magician, and The Master Magician. A RITA Award finalist, she majored in English and minored in editing at Brigham Young University. Raised a Trekkie alongside three sisters who also have boy names, Charlie plays the piano and ukulele, owns too many pairs of glasses, and finally adopted a dog.

Come listen and learn from Charlie N. Holmberg on Thursday, August 17th at the Orem Public Library. Her presentation will be preceded by an optional one-hour critique session from 6 to 7, also in the Storytelling Wing. Bring 1,000 words of your own work, and your ability to helpfully critique others’!

All UVW members current on their dues are automatically entered into a drawing for two free copies of her books that will be held at the end of her presentation. She will have some copies available for sale afterwards as well. If you haven’t joined or renewed yet, what are you waiting for? Go here.


post author: UVW vice president Jessica Allred.



Nikki Trionfo to Present on Writing Mysteries Into any Genre

Lurking intrigue keeps pages turning, even if there’s not a dead body in the drawing room next to a rolling pin. All genres benefit from a sense of wonder and puzzlement. Mystery author Nikki Trionfo will teach tricks learned from agent Josh Geztler about doling out teasing information, handling clue-threads and red herrings, and tying up a mystery’s loose ends. Even if your story isn’t a crime novel, give your readers a satisfying finish to the teasers that make them pick your book up off the shelves in the first place.
Nikki Trionfo lives in Riverton, Utah with five kids, a CrossFit-training husband who writes computer code, and lots of hip hop background music. Her teen murder mystery SHATTER won grand prize in LDStorymakers’ First Chapter Contest and first place in League of Utah Writers’ YA manuscript category. She’s the Public Relations Director for the largest writing conference in Utah, Storymakers Conference, and used to handle their after-hours parties. Alongside Heather Clark, she hosts free writing webinars on YouTube at #50FirstChapters. Other notable stuff includes an honorable mention in Writers of the Future and a spot in Utah Horror Writer’s short-story anthology. This all sounds really serious, but if you run into her, she gets down. Truly. 

Welcome, New Officers

The members have spoken. We welcome Jamie Moesser as president, Jessica Allred as vice president, Karen Pierotti as secretary, and Michelle Stoddard as treasurer. Thank you to all who nominated, volunteered, and voted. I also want to thank the previous leadership, Laura Henriksen, Jacob Blocker, and Karen Pierotti for all their hard work and dedication to improve UVW. Please take the time to thank them and to welcome the new presidency.

Jamie Moesser – President

JAMIE MOESSER used to write at and She occasionally writes for She writes. ALOT. Professionally, she is an editor, and event manager at Brigham Young University. Personally, she writes fiction…among other things. Jamie has written all her life, in one form or another. She has a B.A. in Journalism and Masters of Public and Nonprofit Administration from the University of Utah, during which she excelled at writing research papers. She also has a 10-year career in grant writing, fundraising, and administering programs for nonprofits. She has been writing in social media for the past couple of years at Mom It Forward and more recently at Recovering Workaholic.

She is active in many hobbies, including reading, fishing, dirt biking, camping, video gaming, scrapbooking, geocaching, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and others. She is also very active in school community, having served as a PTA board member, science fair planner, fall carnival planner, and Reflections literary judge. She is currently writing a book in the young adult science fiction genre. She is a wife, and mother to two boys, ages twelve and seven.

Jessica Allred – Vice President

JESSICA E. ALLRED is a card carrying member of the readers-turned-writers club, with a long history of sneaking books into school, church, and family functions. Born and raised in Utah, a mix of books, movies, and frequent camping trips developed into a love for fantasy and adventure. Occasionally distracted by her gigantic family, trashy reality TV shows, and sushi, she goes back to the mountains when she needs to refresh her inspiration.

Karen Pierotti – Secretary

KAREN EDWARDS PIEROTTI was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, but, as her father was in the Royal Air Force, lived in multiple places in the UK, and in Gibraltar, Spain for a couple of years. She joined the LDS church in Lugano, Switzerland where she was working for a Swiss travel agent. Karen met her husband at a BYU ward (so what else is new!), and they have four children. She has been a widow for 23 years. She worked at BYU for 29 years in various secretarial/administrative positions and after receiving an MA in rhetoric, taught 1st year writing for about 10 years. She has been a family history consultant for many years and began writing family histories. Her interest in family history found her auditing a creative writing class. The class was on writing a novel and so she thought, Why not? and embarked on writing a historical novel. Writing fiction was more serendipity than design. She let the novel sit for a couple of years until she began coming to the UVW meetings and completed the first draft of the novel through taking part in NaNoWriMo. Getting good feedback and meeting people at UVW has been encouraging in the new venture of writing creative fiction. She’s learned a lot from many UVW members. Now retired, she has more time to write when she’s not flitting off to the UK to visit family, and Richmond, Seattle, Friday Harbor (San Juan Island), and Salt Lake City to visit children and grandchildren.

Michelle Stoddard – Treasurer

MICHELLE STODDARD loves a good story no matter what its genre. Writing everything from historical mystery to nerd-culture comedy, she enjoys the different styles and challenges each genre presents.

She is currently editing her novel Secrets and Steel, a 17th century historical adventure series about an English spy and swordsman . . . who isn’t actually a man.

Get to know more about Michelle by reading this interview.