The Myths Of Critiquing

Critiquing. Oh, where to begin? Many incorrect philosophies about critiquing abound. Most were garnered under the pretense of good intentions. Others, it is entirely unclear how they came about. But either way, let’s debunk the two greatest myths surrounding critiques, and a final one that tries to hang on after these two are exposed. For […]

Thank You — Lisa Mangum

Whether you have just begun your personal writing journey, or are a seasoned veteran, querying is an important, some would say, vital part of the traditional publication process. A good query letter, like a good resume, differentiates your manuscript from the thousands of others that come across the desks of many agents and publishers. It […]

Thanks James Wymore

James Wymore is an author of four published books and an acquisitions editor with Curiosity Quills Press. He spoke to the chapter on “Getting Out Of The Slush Pile”. For those that couldn’t attend, you missed out. James is an entertaining, informative and fun speaker. His interaction with the group, with occasional avant-garde statements, really […]

Grammar — A Matter Of Confession

Disclaimer (lest you think me crazy): UVW promised we would not review books. I don’t believe a writing organization should do so. The danger is bias for the books our members write, and book reviews are not really within the scope/mission of LUW or UVW. That being said, this post is going to stretch that […]