Thank You Ryan Mendenhall

Ryan Mendenhall is the book marketing expert at Future House Publishing and the author of Selling Well: The 5 Relationships that experts, authors, and coaches use to sell 1,000 books in 21 days. He spoke to us about building an author platform, collecting reviews, and other marketing strategies. It was a very informative and entertaining […]

Thank You — Laryssa Waldron

Laryssa Waldron presented to Utah Valley Writers on Editing. She is a technical writing professor and author, teaches at Salt Lake Community College, and also runs Waldron Publishing. A few, but not all, of the highlights include the following: Editing is like cutting and polishing a diamond–it may be rough at first but with effort can become beautiful. […]

Thank You — Cheree Alsop

Cheree Alsop presented to Utah Valley Writers on “A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publishing.” The consistent amount of words Cheree writes is an inspiration to us all. We appreciate the time she took to come and share with us some of the wisdom she has gained through her self-publishing experience. A few, but not all, of […]

Thank You — Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon presented to our chapter on the powerful writing software Scrivener. Those who had not used Scrivener before learned how powerful the software could be while those who already own it learned to further leverage it to improve their own writing. We appreciate the time he took, pre-shoulder surgery, to come and share with […]

Thank You — Julie Daines

Julie Daines shared with our chapter some resources, tools, and tricks which have helped her and some of her colleagues to keep writing and producing content in a presentation entitled, “Writing for Me: Navigating the Do This and Do That to Find What Works for You.” A few of the highlights from her presentation were as […]

Thank You — Karen Hoover

Karen Hoover spoke to us on “Pacing”. We appreciated her willingness to share of her time and knowledge with us. Here are some highlights from her presentation: Pacing is one of the greatest influencers for mood in a scene and is two-fold: it’s the rate at which you guide the reader through the story and […]

Thank You — J. Scott Savage

Jeff Savage spoke to us on “Characters and Setting”. Everyone that hears Jeff speak wishes there could be another couple of hours (or days 😀 ) to learn more–He’s the proverbial deep well on all things writing. Here are some highlights from his presentation. Characters: There are writers that focus on plot and have to […]

Thank You — Gale Sears

Gale Sears came and spoke to our chapter on “The Research Journey”. Her presentation was in a word . . . inspiring. We learned many things and those that weren’t there missed out on probably the best presentation on Research I’ve ever heard. Here are a couple of highlights: 1) The author that “wings it” […]