Thank You — Julie Daines

We were very fortunate to have Julie Daines as our presenter last night. As a winner of multiple first chapter contests and author of two published novels, Julie has proven her skills at writing a dynamic first chapter. If you get the chance to hear her present, we recommend it. You can see her present […]

Thank You — Lisa Mangum

Whether you have just begun your personal writing journey, or are a seasoned veteran, querying is an important, some would say, vital part of the traditional publication process. A good query letter, like a good resume, differentiates your manuscript from the thousands of others that come across the desks of many agents and publishers. It […]

Thanks James Wymore

James Wymore is an author of four published books and an acquisitions editor with Curiosity Quills Press. He spoke to the chapter on “Getting Out Of The Slush Pile”. For those that couldn’t attend, you missed out. James is an entertaining, informative and fun speaker. His interaction with the group, with occasional avant-garde statements, really […]

Thanks Peggy Eddleman

It was wonderful to have Peggy come and present on The 10 Things You Should Do To Get Published. The feedback from her presentation has been exceptional. We really wish we could tell everything she said, but she’ll be presenting this topic at conferences in the future. We have been allowed to briefly touch upon […]

The Lecture Series Was Awesome!

We had an amazing time at the UVW-Lecture Series, co-sponsored with Alpine School District. The flow of the conference was perfect with each subject informing and building off the other. While we cannot share the presentations given at the conference, we can give an overview. Friday were heard from: New York Times Best-Selling Authors, Jennifer […]

Thanks Platte F. Clark

Platte Clark shared his amazing publishing journey at our last Utah Valley Writers Chapter Meeting on April 25th. Platte Clark’s first book is “Bad Unicorn.” “Bad Unicorn” is a middle grade book that appeals to YA and Adults as well.  Princess the Destroyer Unicorn is hunting Max Spencer and the whole human race as well.  […]

Thanks Elana Johnson

Should you be afraid of story structure? Do you think it will hinder your creativity? Should you be afraid of seat-of-your-pants writing? Will it destroy your organization? Should all pantsers become plotters or plotters, pantsers? The answer to all of these is, no. Imagine if you will for a moment a body without bones. Such […]

Thanks Rachelle Christensen

What makes writing powerful?  Many people could have different answers and it’s easy to say the Conflict, Voice, Characters, etc. After attending RACHELLE CHRISTENSEN‘s presentation on January 23rd the answer is clear–though probably not a common answer–it’s REVISION.  Revision is what transforms ideas, plots, characters, emotional moments, and so forth into a work of unity–into […]