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Contact Us

We are a non-profit organization with unpaid leadership, we appreciate your patience in our response.

Note: Agents/Editors (and other industry professionals),

If someone has referenced membership in Utah Valley Writers in their query, resume, etc. and you are looking to verify this, please email the Membership address. For all other requests please use the General Inquires email address.

General Inquiries

uvchapterinfo [at]

  • For questions not answered in the FAQs contact us here
  • No solicitations or offering of services of any kind. We will not respond and you will be marked as spam.
    • Please understand, we respect the privacy of our members and will NOT, under any circumstances, provide lists of membership, potential co-authors, etc. We simply cannot trust every offer that comes our way.

***If you would like to make a financial contribution to the mission of UVW, please email us here too. We are in the process of obtaining 501 (3)(c) Non-profit status so your gifts/donations can be tax deductible.

Membership Inquiries

  • When do my membership dues expire?
  • Here’s my member profile.
  • I have wonderful news to share that others in the chapter should know:
    • I signed a contract
    • I got an agent
    • My book will be out soon
    • and so forth …
  • I need access to UVW’s social groups, please grant them.

uvw.members [at]

Additional Critique Group & Inquiries

If you would like to participate in additional critique meetings on a different day or a different location or please inquire through our Facebook Group. Or you can email us at uvchapterinfo [at]
Current locations:

  • Main – Orem Library, 6-9pm, two Thursdays per month
  • Provo – TBD
  • Northern Utah Valley – Highland City Library, 7-9PM, 4th Wednesday of each month, contact Emily Cox (801) 623-8064
  • Community Relations and Outreach Inquiries

    If you are an organization, school, church, group, etc. that has a need for writers, authors, and writing industry professionals let us know what you need in regards to the authors/writers. We’ll see if we can fill that need in house or reach out to those we know.


    If you are an out-of-town author, but will be in the Utah County area, and want assistance reaching out to the community, let us see what we can do for you. We cannot provide a marketing campaign for you, but we can put you in touch with individuals, schools, and so on, that may want to hear from you.

    Please contact us on our Facebook Group.

    Thank you and we look forward to meeting or hearing from you,

    Utah Valley Writers