LUW Board Meeting News

The Board Meeting for LUW was November 3rd.

For your information here are the things that are happening statewide in LUW as a result of this meeting:

  • LUW is now offering student discounts. $15 annual dues for a maximum of four years for adults enrolled in a college/trade school/university, etc.
    • If you know of any students that would like to join let them know. More information on how to join & the breakdown of funds is listed on our Join page.
  • Name Changes:
    • “League of Utah Writers’ Conference” replaces the traditional name of “Round Up.”
    • The Lariat . . . update per LUW President, Irene, in the comments . . . It has been changed to The Quill.
  • LUW Contest winners, prize awards and publishing (Contest entries start mid-March through mid-June 2013):
    • Each year contest winners in LUW Conference contests will have the option of being published in a LUW anthology. These stories are bought and published through traditional publishing means. This was done this year, but now it will be done each year. So when you think of it being just a collection of stories it’s more than that now. It counts as a publishing credit. 2012 Anthologies are sale on the LUW website.
  • Note from UVW President: “I would like to see our members dominate the awards in 2013. There has always been monetary prizes, but now with publishing credits . . . it’s a win win.”
  • The annual LUW Spring Workshop will be held on April 20, 2013.
    • Mark your calendars for a day of fun and learning. Current location is planned in Davis County.

2 Comments on “LUW Board Meeting News

  1. Enjoyed your webside. Great work, Utah Valley Writers. You’ve set high standards for the league. Note: the name of our newsletter, Lariat, has been changed to: Quill. Keep up the good work.

  2. I completely agree with the name changes. That’s an excellent decision.