Manuscript Speed Dating

Special Event

Thursday, May 4
Storytelling Wing @ 6pm

This event is open to anyone who is ready to hand over their entire story to someone else for feedback. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just at a point where you feel you would benefit from someone else’s opinion. Okay, Okay, you can even bring your manuscript if you think it’ll be ready within two months.

Bring the first 25 pages of your story double spaced, stapled, and numbered. If you have a prologue you may skip it if you choose. I recommend bringing three copies but it is not mandatory.

Everyone will get a chance to read your 25 pages and request to read more. If you request their manuscript and they request yours then it’s a match. I’ll e-mail you both one another’s information and you two lovebirds can work out an exchange. The more manuscripts you request the more likely you are to get a match.

See you all there.

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