Mikki Kells – Book Announcement

Congrats to one of our members, Mikki Kells. Virtuous Sins, her new Urban Fantasy Book, is out.


Book Description:
Publication Date: December 24, 2012

The world will be forever changed when lust meets intent. . .

Three hundred years after the last of the great wars, the Virtuous Magistrate is on the verge of enforcing a perfect world.
Darci never questioned the intention of her overlords, until her sister was marked as an Undesirable and brutally murdered by Navita Jacqueline. Armed with the power of her mind, Darci illegally enters the City to obtain vengeance. She knows certain death awaits her, but she cannot remain silent, not when the next Undesirable could be anyone, at any time, for any reason.

Atticus is a Luxurian, the embodiment of carnal Sin and unwilling slave to Navita Jacqueline’s judgment. What free time he is allowed, he devotes to hunting his overlords, and sowing anarchy within the City walls. There is no one, male or female, immune to his power, and then he encounters Darci. She sees into the forbidden corners of his mind and confronts him with the chaos only a Virtue turned rogue can unleash.

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