NaNoWriMo 2014 Results

Congratulations to our 2014 NaNoWriMo Winners!

Also, congrats to all those who participated and who wrote more than they would have otherwise.

Utah Valley Writers NaNoWriMo participants wrote a total of 780,641 words during the month of November. In fact, that’s 15.6 50,000-word novels.

That’ll make a lot of great critique material for our meetings. We can’t wait to read what everybody wrote!


Bob Muench, Username: munchichi

Mikki Kelles, Username: mikki_helmer

Kerri Sue Jensen, Username: SueySays

Dallan Simper, Username: nightbane

Yamile Saied Mendez, Username: cheboricuas

Mike Glassford, Username: glass4d

Erica Thurston, Username: ericathur

Taylor Barlow, Username: taylorb11

Daphne Higbee, Username: dahigbee

Robin LuBean King, Username: robinyourheart

Michele Johnson, Username: wrtingelizabeth

Almost there…

Amryn Scott, Username: wildscottkids

Matt Knight, Username: m-knight81

Still wrote a lot…

Taffy Earl Lovell, Username: bookaddict

Bryce Evans, Username: BryceMonkey

Michelle Stoddard, Username: windsong92

Brittney Mulliner, Username: brittney-mulliner

Michelle Garrett Bulsiewicz, Username: mbulsiewicz

Brittney Wakefield, Username: wakefield-britt

Probably forgot to update progress and… 🙂

Ann Hunter, Username: Dr-Bork-Bork

Rachelle Christensen, Username: rachellej-christensen

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