Sam Ferguson Book Launch — The Tomni’Tai Scroll

Congratulations to Sam Ferguson! His book, the first in The Netherworld Gate series, come out this weekend in paperback. For a limited time, before the paperback is available, the e-book format is being offered for free HERE. Best wishes Sam and congrats again.

About Sam:

Sam Ferguson is a well-traveled, award winning author in state and national competitions. He holds a BA in International Relations from Utah Valley University and an MA in International Security Policy Studies from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Currently, he works as a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service. When he is not working or writing, he can be found wrestling with his sons, hefting iron in the gym, or relaxing with his wife.

The TOMNI’TAI SCROLL back cover:

Kai is an elite Ranger, skilled with the sword and quick to exact justice. When his sister is kidnapped by a ruthless Kuscan for sale as a slave, Kai is forced to set the rules aside to save her. His vengeance is quick and hot, but he uncovers more than a mere group of underhanded thugs. Now he races against time to destroy the Kuscan’s underworld network to ensure his sister can live in peace. Meanwhile, he must dodge fellow Rangers who now view him as an outlaw for his vigilante style of justice. As he battles for all he holds dear, his destiny will bring him across the path of a ruthless killer hell-bent on releasing an ancient tide of wrath over the land.


Talon, a cold, calculating assassin has been double-crossed by his partners. Having barely escaped their trap for him, he returns their treachery with his blade and continues to seek the Tomni’Tai Scroll –the one artifact that will grant him incredible power and enable him to finally put many old enemies to rest. A well-renowned elf sage sits near the top of Talon’s list, but that isn’t all. Talon seeks even to slay Basei, the demigod of battle. As Talon’s power grows, only one man stands a chance of stopping Talon from unleashing his ultimate and unbridled wrath upon the realm. As Kai battles for his sister, and his very own soul, his path crosses the trail of destruction Talon has left behind him, and he learns that there is much more at stake. It falls to him to halt Talon before the Netherworld Gate can be opened.

Cover art by Bob Kehl.

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