Some Advice to Prepare for Writers’ Conferences Like Storymakers

On the eve of LDS Storymakers Conference 2017, let me provide a few quick tips regarding how to prepare for it and other similar conferences, a couple of reasons not to stress about going to such conferences. I’m not an amateur at participating in writers’ conferences, but I’m not an expert on any of these subjects, so please add your suggestions to this post’s comments if you have anything to add!

Preparing for Storymakers

  • Plan your schedule–and your route–out ahead of time. This will alleviate those panicked runs from the first floor of the convention center to the third to the second trying. The Storymakers app makes this easy.
  • If you’re having a hard time deciding which classes to attend, or see multiple classes at the same time slot, I suggest either
    • asking for help deciding in the Facebook Storymakers group
    • if you’re part of a critique team or writers’ club, ask if any of the other members would like to “divide and conquer”
    • watch the Facebook Storymakers group after the conference. Sometimes, certain presenters will make their slides, handouts, or notes available there.
  • Relax

It can be tempting to stress about a conference, particularly if you are pitching to an agent. For the most part, you shouldn’t stress because, as J. Scott Savage so eloquently said: “This is a writers’ conference. This is a readers’ conference…and it’s a family reunion.” No matter what stage of writing you’re at, there will be people there like you to relate with. But, if you still want to stress, check out these posts and tips on pitching and other conference stress-inducers:

Pitching Pointers

What are your conferences of choice, and what’s your best advice for preparing for them?


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