Collect Rejections, Really?

Writing is a unique activity, in case you haven’t already noticed that. It’s not necessarily done in an office; oftentimes, in fact, it’s better done at home. It’s usually best done alone, but the writer who writes entirely in a solo vacuum is one who is destined to fail, I would argue. The process of […]

Thank You — Karen Hoover

Karen Hoover spoke to us on “Pacing”. We appreciated her willingness to share of her time and knowledge with us. Here are some highlights from her presentation: Pacing is one of the greatest influencers for mood in a scene and is two-fold: it’s the rate at which you guide the reader through the story and […]

Thank You — J. Scott Savage

Jeff Savage spoke to us on “Characters and Setting”. Everyone that hears Jeff speak wishes there could be another couple of hours (or days 😀 ) to learn more–He’s the proverbial deep well on all things writing. Here are some highlights from his presentation. Characters: There are writers that focus on plot and have to […]