Thank You — Julie Daines

Julie Daines

Julie Daines shared with our chapter some resources, tools, and tricks which have helped her and some of her colleagues to keep writing and producing content in a presentation entitled, “Writing for Me: Navigating the Do This and Do That to Find What Works for You.”

A few of the highlights from her presentation were as follows:

Writers fall into two categories: planners and pantsters. Planners plan out as much as possible before they start write. Pantsters write from the seat of their pants. No matter which type you are there are several techniques and a plethora of resources over the internet you can use to assist you.

Techniques of such as disabling your internet and writing with no distractions for a timed period can help you establish a flow and gain discipline in your writing. Setting up an environment conducive to your work–and method of planning–can also help your writing come along way.

Websites such as Save the Cat and instructional videos such as Dan Well’s 7 Part Story Structure can help you understand and determine when certain events in your story should happen. Studying books on the craft of writing, such as Mary Kole’s Writing Irresistible KidLitcan also help a writer understand how to achieve their desired goal.

Of course, this was only a small sample of the tips and tricks Julie shared with us during her presentation.

We are appreciative of the time, effort, and preparation Julie put into our meeting so that she could share her techniques and wisdom with us.


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