Thank You — Julie Daines

Julie DainesWe were very fortunate to have Julie Daines as our presenter last night. As a winner of multiple first chapter contests and author of two published novels, Julie has proven her skills at writing a dynamic first chapter. If you get the chance to hear her present, we recommend it. You can see her present this topic again on:

March 18 – Brigham City Library
March 20 – Pleasant Grove Library (A lot closer!) 7:00 PM
April 26 – LDStorymakers Conference

Some of what she covered included the many types of story beginnings:

  • Action
  • Raw emotion
  • Look back
  • Prologue/teaser/frame
  • Establish normal

She went into detail citing many literary and contemporary examples on how to write each type of beginning well. The research she put into finding such examples was by itself quite astounding. She also stressed the importance of creating some sort of anticipation/motion/or a sense that something was about to happen, with in the first lines of the story and the importance of establishing the narrator. Daines also listed which questions a first chapter must address, even if just on a subtle level.

The portion of her presentation that personally had the greatest impact on me was the little gem on creating a likable protagonist. Lastly, she discussed the importance of an inciting incident and key event, explaining the difference between the two.


Coming February 3, 2014

Daines’ presentation was just what the chapter needed. A large number of us are currently pursuing publication and the ability to write a dynamic first chapter will open doors when it comes to querying publishers and agents. She has truly helped many of us take a step closer to achieving our dreams. We want to give her a special thanks for the time and effort she put into coming.
~Sarah Anderson

Julie Daines has been a member of the league of Utah, Utah Valley Chapter for several years. We are proud of her accomplishments and that she is willing to give her time and expertise back to the chapter. Her second novel UNRAVELED is coming out February 3, 2014 through Covenant Communications. We wish her the best of luck in all of her writing endeavors!

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