Thank You — Karen Hoover


Karen Hoover spoke to us on “Pacing”. We appreciated her willingness to share of her time and knowledge with us.

Here are some highlights from her presentation:

Pacing is one of the greatest influencers for mood in a scene and is two-fold: it’s the rate at which you guide the reader through the story and is the rhythm in which you tell that story.

Good pacing doesn’t shove you into a dark alley. Rather, it coaxes you—luring you with the promise of a pay off. To put it another way, pacing keeps you hungry without feeding you empty calories.

Through proper pacing you can create a connection and thus rapport with your readers. Your goal is to take your readers on a walk with you as the storyteller.  The walk must be paced properly–going too fast causes a reader to get lost but going to slow will cause them to get bored and frustrated.

The key is taking your readers on a journey at the proper pace so that they’ll keep those pages turning.

We greatly appreciated Karen coming to share her experience and wisdom with our chapter.


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