Thank You — Laryssa Waldron

WP-3Laryssa Waldron presented to Utah Valley Writers on Editing. She is a technical writing professor and author, teaches at Salt Lake Community College, and also runs Waldron Publishing.

A few, but not all, of the highlights include the following:

  • Editing is like cutting and polishing a diamond–it may be rough at first but with effort can become beautiful.
  • Knowing whether you are a free writer or outliner, or whether you are a detail master or have an idea factory, can be beneficial when it comes to editing.
  • There are four levels of edits:
  • The Global edit focuses on the big picture such as plot, structure, story, motivation, etc.
  • The Local edit recasts sentences for clarity and flow while preserving the author’s unique voice.
  • A copyedit checks grammar and mechanics, for consistencies in spelling and details, and fact checks for quality control.
  • Finally, a word-level edit is the final proofread to ensure that not only everything is correct, but that it also looks appealing on the page (or electronic reader).

We appreciated Laryssa taking the time to come and speak to our group. In addition, we enjoyed her energetic and fun personality. Thanks again Laryssa!

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