Thank You – Peggy Eddleman & Erin Summerill

Peggy EddlemanPeggy Eddleman, author of the Middle Grade , presented to Utah Valley Writers on “Unraveling the Query Process.” In addition, Peggy brought with her a special guest: Erin Summerill. Erin also has a book deal and has gained much wisdom working for an agent. Together, they made a dynamic duo and shared with us a wealth of valuable information.

Erin Summerill






A few, but not all, are some of the items they covered:

  • How many agents can I query at a time?
  • How should I research agents?
  • Do I let to agents know that I queried others if I sent my manuscript to several agents at once?
  • What do I do if an agents wants inclusive rights before an offer or representation?
  • What do I do if an agents offers to do exclusive revisions with them?
  • What can I do if I don’t hear back from an agent months after they’ve requested my full manuscript?
  • What is proper query etiquette if I get an offer of representation?
  • What are effective querying strategies?

They shared this and much more, including a Q&A session that seemed to last a while (our members had more than a few questions about the query process).

We appreciate the time they took to come and share with us some of the wisdom they have gained through their combined experience and wish to offer them a gracious ‘thank you.’ We certainly learned a great deal.

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