Thanks Peggy Eddleman

Peggy EddlemanIt was wonderful to have Peggy come and present on The 10 Things You Should Do To Get Published. The feedback from her presentation has been exceptional. We really wish we could tell everything she said, but she’ll be presenting this topic at conferences in the future. We have been allowed to briefly touch upon two of the ten things.

#1: Find Critique Groups/Partners

Everything needs to be revised. Peggy stated, “Revisions are what make a book salable.” Finding persons that can help guide you and/or point out the necessary things will improve your writing. Critique groups/partners are a great way to grow as a writer and make lasting friends.

She also stressed the importance of finding people that are around your same writing ability when you start a group or find partners. e.g. In all likelihood, beginning writers may not understand the direction an advanced writer would try to give them. Terminology, techniques, etc. would be foreign. This puts the advanced writer at a disadvantage in getting feedback on their work from writers that are starting out. When people have similar goals and experience levels, critique groups become a journey where everyone is mutually beneficial to each other.

#2 ) Get Immersed In The Writing Community (Go to Conferences, Social Networks, Read Blogs, etc.)

There were several reasons for why Peggy stated this is so important. Other writers share their experiences and knowledge which helps further your writing career. The old proverb explains it best, “Many are better than one.”

Examples: If a writer has a question about a contract they are about to sign, they should go to the writing community before they sign it. Being published is great, but not all contracts are created equal and some can be downright bondage; if a manuscript is suffering from “saggy-middle”, an experienced author may prescribe the perfect medicine and save your story.
Sincere involvement in the writing community pays its own dividends. Be professional, be kind, and be yourself.

If you missed her presentation, she will be presenting on this topic again at LDStorymakers in April 2014, and we recommend it because the results speak for themselves. Peggy may be a little too modest to say it, but her book SKY JUMPERS was a lead title for Random House this fall. That’s quite an accomplishment for a debuting author. Congratulations Peggy and thanks again for coming to speak to us!

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